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Our system consist in two fundamental parts:
Auriculotherapy and our Food Guides.

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Auriculoterapia, en español →

With Auriculotherapy, a treatment born in France in 1950, based on traditional Chinese medicine techniques, we balance several functions of your body through precise pressure to points in the ear.

With Auriculotherapy we help you to reach both body balance and stress reduction, which turns out it provokes compulsive eating.

Our goal is to maintain a relaxed body, balancing its digestive and metabolic functions, creating the right mood to follow a diet. To achieve this, we use gold or stainless steel diminutive balls of 1.2mm diameter. These pellets are placed superficially on the ear's skin, and they contain no damaging substances, they are substituted during every visit, and they are hurtless and painless.

Food Guides.
Guías de Alimentación, en español →

Our food guides are designed to be followed easily and they are changed and adapted periodically to make them work the best for you.

It's proven that they will affect positively your health, if follow correctly.

They help you to maintain excellent nutrition while you are shedding weight.

At Tu Forma Natural, our food guides are not rigurous, do not force quantity comsuption, so you never have to weight or limit your food leaving yuou hungry.

The most important part of our system is in you: your willingness and discipline to reach your goal of losing weight. We help you to timely follow our food guides.

Attention CenterAt Tu Forma Natural Atention Centers, a kind and trained team of professional therapists will assist you weekly during the weight loss process, applying you Auriculotherapy and teaching you how to follow our easy and convenient food guides.

At Tu Forma Natural we designed an effective weight loss system, with easy to follow food guides, ducumenting results during each visit to your attention center.

It's 100% natural and harmless, no medications are used, and only harmless procedures are applied, always giving priority to your well being. Moreover, you can enjoy most of the food you are used to consume.

We know that often the abnormal increase of weight is produced by excesive comsuption of food. Some people are more susceptible than others to gain weight for different reasons, including genes, metabolism, age, physical activity (or lack thereof) or organic alterations.

Sometimes, overwight produced by poor eating habits is due to nervous tension, stress, lack of nutritional education or lack of time to properly prepare and consume meals.

We will help you. You will see positive results real soon.

Once you start to decrease your size (measurements), we will stimulate those areas with more adipose tissue (fat) reducing sagging and disproportion which may be located in belly, hips, forearms, thighs, and other places.

We can also improve other conditions typically associated with overweight, complementing medical treatment that you may be following.

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